About ValvTechnologies

ValvTechnologies is a committed partner in providing solutions to manage your process — saving time, money, and improving overall system efficiency.

With 30 years of business growth, ValvTechnologies has maintained a culture of innovation by continuously expanding its design, production, and technology capabilities. ValvTechnologies provides an unsurpassed level of reliability to customers in the fossil power, nuclear generation, mining and minerals, upstream oil and gas, downstream and chemical processing, petrochemical, hydrocarbon, pulp and paper, and various specialty industries.

ValvTechnologies’ manufacturing and headquarters facilities are located in Northwest Houston, Texas, on more than 33 acres of land. The main office and manufacturing building were built in May 2000 and were custom designed by ValvTechnologies.

  • The main building features 27,000 sq/ft (2,508 sq/m) of office space on two levels and a manufacturing/assembly/warehouse of 60,000 sq/ft (5,574 sq/m). A separate building of 32,000 sq/ft (2,973 sq/m) contains additional office space, assembly, service, lapping, and component inventory. Two additional shops feature 20,000 sq/ft (1,858sq/m) of additional warehouse space and a 2,400 sq/ft (223 sq/m) HVOF RiTech® facility.
  • In 2007, we added our Railhead location approximately five miles north of the Bingle facility which includes 30,000 sq/ft of research, assembly, and office space and an additional 8,000 sq/ft for our Rhionite® product, which completes the US facilities for a total square footage of 179,400 (16,667 sq/m).
  • In 2013, we added our Chennai, India, facility which features 10,000 sq/ft (929 sq/m) of assembly and office space.
  • In addition, ValvTechnologies’ China locations offer manufacturing, service, and office space for an additional 27,000 sq/ft (2,508 sq/m).

These locations, along with a large inventory of parts and stock valves, allow ValvTechnologies to have complete control over all aspects of the manufacturing process, even for the most demanding projects.

At ValvTechnologies, our employees are a valuable asset. Made up of functional teams that focus on customer service, safety, product development, quality management, assembly, and testing, our staff is committed to continually developing innovative designs, production, and technology capabilities. With a full staff of professional engineers, a technical sales team, and certified service technicians, ValvTechnologies is more than a manufacturer — we are a partner for providing superior solutions to your process needs.

Whether those challenges are daily process problems that have to be met one valve at a time, or system-wide concerns demanding total flow control solutions, we have built a company that’s a proven help to customers like you. We have built a worldwide reputation for superior quality and dependability with customers in every industry – our customers give us this reputation, and we are grateful for their recommendations.

From standard applications to the most sophisticated, ValvTechnologies continues to provide solutions to manage severe service processes around the world.

By equipping the best people with the latest in technological design and manufacturing processes, we have created an atmosphere where quality and dependability are built into our products from start to finish. By focusing on this People-Process-Performance principle, we become an integral part of our customers’ asset management strategy on the one hand, and a key contributor to everyday process efficiency on the other.

ValvTechnologies uses international quality standards to enssure that we conform to specified requirements throughout our total process. These requirements include design, development, order processing, production, purchasing, quality control, installation, and service. Our own processes are based on the requirements of ISO 9001, API Q1 and PED.

In the demanding process environments facing our customers, these standards are the foundation our customers look for. What they get, beyond this, is the recognized value of ValvTechnologies as a proven and dependable partner.