Nuclear Generation

Delivering the Nuclear Promise

ValvTechnologies provides our “Nuclear Promise” by addressing Application Obsolescence, along with improved personnel and equipment safety, lost megawatt recovery, reduced maintenance, spare parts, and service solutions for vent, drain, isolation, and check and control applications in nuclear generation.

By addressing application obsolescence, changing linear technology with quarter turn metal seated ball valves, the plant has also realized improved personnel safety, eliminating downstream piping degradation and improving equipment reliability. They have also reduced maintenance, spare parts, and service needs by addressing vent, drain, isolation, applications 3” and under in high energy nuclear applications with ValvTechnologies’ solutions.

  • ASME/ANSI Class 150 – 2500, 3/8 – 36″
  • End connections SW / BW / flanged / special
  • Primary, secondary and auxiliary systems
  • Applicable to all existing Boiling Water Reactors, Pressurized Water Reactors , CANDU Reactors as well as Generation III, III+ and VI reactor designs

Four Year, Zero-Leakage. Guaranteed.

All ValvTechnologies’ valves manufactured for the nuclear industry are stringently tested to meet the zero-leakage testing criteria and are backed by a four year, zero-leakage guarantee. In addition, every valve that we manufacture for nuclear generation comes with extensive documentation and full materials traceability which includes:

  • CMTR – Certified Materials Test Report
  • Certificate of compliance
  • Serialization for traceability of every valve
  • Valve test report w/QA signoff
  • Third party authorized nuclear inspector when applicable
  • Design report and seismic report where applicable

Boiler feedwater
Circulating water system
Component cooling
Condensate extraction
Condensate cooling water
Emergency feedwater
Fire protection system
HP safety injection
HP and LP heater drains
Heat exchanger vent and drains
Main steam system isolation, drain and vent
Power operated relief valve (PORV)
Pressurizer drain and vent
Rad waste system
Reactor coolant pump drain and vent
Reactor head vents
Reactor water cooling vents and drains
Safety injection system
Secondary system isolation, drain and vent
Service water system isolation
Steam generator system
Turbine bypass
Turbine drain and vent

ValvTechnologies’ Success Stories

ValvTechnologies’ case studies depict how we have successfully helped companies around the globe manage their complex severe service applications. Click here to learn more.

ValvTechnologies’ valves meet the standards of:
ASME III Class 1, 2, and 3 valves
10CFR50 Appendix B Safety Related Program
ASME/ANSI Class 150 – 2500, ½ – 36″
End connections SW / BW / flanged / special
Primary, secondary, and auxiliary systems
Applicable to all existing boiling water reactors, pressurized water reactors, CANDU reactors, as well as Generation III, III+ and VI reactor designs

Nuclear Certifications. Leading the Industry.

  • ASME N
  • ASME III Class 1, 2 & 3
  • 10CFR50 Appendix B
  • Part 21 Acceptance
  • ANSI N45.2
  • NQA-1
  • ISO 9001 – 2008
  • PED Compliant (Europe)
  • SIL-3 (Europe)
  • Lloyds EMEA Register
  • NUPIC Audited
  • NIAC Member

ASME nstamp - new ASME nPT stamp - new