ValvPerformance Testing™ valve leakage detection

Posted: Friday, March 18th, 2016 | By: Linda Goodrich

valvperformance testing 1 webValvPerformance Testing™ is a cycle isolation or valve leakage diagnostic program that assists end-users in understanding the value of Zero-leakage isolation and in identifying the best targets in their valve populations for effectively mitigating cycle isolation (plant efficiency) losses.

What differentiates ValvTechnologies’ ValvPerformance Testing™ program?

  • ValvPerformance Testing™ delivers quantifiable results in terms of mass flow rates (pounds or kilograms per hour) plus monetary estimates of energy losses or fuel savings attributed to valve leakage for each individual valve.
  • ValvTechnologies’ results-driven approach is verified accurate via independent testing and client testimonials and supported by fundamental fluid flow service.
  • The ValvPerformance Testing™ program is low-cost and fast time-to-value. Our technicians can test an average of 75 to 125 valves in a single day’s work without hindering plant operations and with minimal impact on process pipe insulation.

What are the benefits of ValvPerformance Testing™

  • Fast, non-intrusive, low-cost and accurate
  • Takes the guess-work out of valve maintenance by making hidden energy losses (leakage) transparent and quantifies the savings opportunities
  • Improves or maintains plant operating efficiencies. Increases plant output and/or energy/fuel cost savings
  • Mitigates adverse environmental impact through improved energy efficiency which equates to reduced air pollution
  • Improves diagnostic ability for better decision-making
  • Reduces the cost due to unnecessary maintenance of functioning valves (i.e. condition-based maintenance)
  • Savings in make-up water consumption
  • Protects other plant equipment from unnecessary heat loads resulting from passing isolation valves
  • Validates warranties and guaranties

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