Julie Bodine Earns 2nd Place in 2014 Fittest Executive Challenge

Posted: Monday, March 10th, 2014 | By: Linda Goodrich

HOUSTON, TX – Congratulations to Julie Bodine, ValvTechnologies’ Director of Global Marketing, who earned 2nd place in the 2014 Fittest Executive Challenge, held Sunday, February 23rd at the Houston Dynamo Sports Park.

Julie was invited as one of only 20 female executives to take part in the 2014 Fittest Executive Challenge, an exciting fitness challenge for Houston Executives to raise awareness for fitness and health in the Houston business community and to recognize those passionate Executives who lead by example.

Each Executive completed three fitness challenges within a 60-minute time-frame consisting of professionally designed courses to fully challenge their strength, agility, endurance, mental determination and full-body conditioning. These events include the following movements and events: pushups, inverted rows, Plyobox weighted step-ups, kettle bell swings, sit-ups, burpees and plank holds, an agility course including hurdles, ladders and cone drills, ball slams, bear crawl, weighted carry and a 5k run. Click here to view Julie’s Contender profile.

“I’m absolutely honored to have been nominated and proud of a 2nd place finish representing ValvTechnologies,” Bodine said. “The event was well run and with so many tests (about 15 in all) was a pretty accurate measurement of fitness.”

An avid CrossFitter, Bodine is no stranger to competition. Recent challenges include a first place finish in the Sundown Showdown team competition in Newport Beach, California, a seventh place finish in the Femme Royale Battle in Spring, Texas and an 11th place finish in the Atomic CrossFit Hammer and Chisel competition in Stafford, Texas. Last year Bodine also completed in her first triathlon, the Kring and Chung, in Newport Beach, California.

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