Get Charged Up at PowerGen!

Posted: Monday, November 4th, 2013 | By: Linda Goodrich

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Available at the ValvTechnologies booth #3101 at PowerGen: a charging station for all your mobile devises. Stop by and get charged up!

ValvTechnologies, the global leader in the design and manufacture of severe service, zero leakage valves, is showcasing our industry-leading solutions at the upcoming PowerGen International (PGI) show in Orlando, Florida, November 12-14.

Brief presentations will be held at the booth discussing the following topics:

  • The ValvTechnologies V Series seat-supported, severe service metal-seated ball valves offering reliable maintenance-free operation and a four year leakage warranty for power industry applications
  • Our 3/8” bore V1-1 valve – all the benefits of the larger sized valves but a greatly reduced weight and size – useful in virtually any instrument application or where zero leakage is needed and space is a problem
  • The ValvTechnologies Parallel Slide Gate Valve (PSG) valve, the result of years of practical design enhancements, eliminating the limitations of typically accepted norms in gate valve design.
  • Our Fukushima FLEX Project initiatives utilizing a combination of ValvTechnologies industry-leading zero leakage isolation valves, as well as our ValvTechnologies/DFT in-line check valves, ensuring years of safe and reliable operation.
  • Rhinoite®  Tungsten Carbide hardfacing – minimizes loss of production time by wearing five to seven times longer in service operations than bare metal, reduces number of shutdown times to years rather than months, improves safety by reducing the risk of equipment failure and much more
  • The XACTROL® severe service control valves are accurately engineered for applications where minimum flow and relatively high differential pressures are required.
  • VALVXPRESS™ – for customers who demand quick delivery of a Zero-leakage automated valve solution for severe service water and steam applications
  • And other ValvTechnologies products and services!