ValvTechnologies Proving to be a Valuable Partner in Dealing with Post Fukushima FLEX Projects

Posted: Monday, October 14th, 2013 | By: Linda Goodrich

ValvTechnologies has again been selected to provide our zero leakage valve solutions to a US nuclear facility. In addition to Tennessee Valley Authority’s Watts Bar 1&2, ValvTechnologies is now assisting Duke Energy’s Catawba 1&2 by providing products to integrate the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Post-Fukushima FLEX strategies to enhance safety and performance at these sites.

HOUSTON – ValvTechnologies continues to provide a pivotal role with our participation in the implementation of TVA’s Watts Bar 1&2 and now Duke Energy’s Catawba 1&2, FLEX initiatives. These projects will utilize a combination of ValvTechnologies industry-leading zero leakage isolation valves, as well as our ValvTechnologies/DFT in-line check valves, ensuring years of safe and reliable operation.

ValvTechnologies is actively pursuing a fleet wide compliance approach with the owner/operators of the US nuclear plants in an effort to best address their specific needs for addressing their FLEX strategies.

Bill Henwood, Vice President for Nuclear Power at ValvTechnologies, noted that this is our company focus in its continuing efforts relative to the post Fukushima Daiichi response. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s (NRC) call for diverse and flexible coping capabilities, or FLEX strategy, was developed to address the loss of cooling capability and electrical power resulting from a severe natural event – making U.S. nuclear facilities even safer.

“These are significant ASME Section III “N” Stamped applications; our valve solutions are in the forefront of advanced design and manufacturing. Our ability to respond to our customers’ needs is obviously well received,” said Henwood. “ValvTechnologies is committed to our role in the continued safe operation of nuclear power plants both domestically and around the world.”

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