Quick-ship Program – metal seated ball valves in 24 hours

Need a valve now?

With ValvTechnologies’ Quick-Ship program, you can get the original, industry leading zero-leakage metal seated ball valve shipped to you in as little as 24 hours! ValvTechnologies’ North American satellite operations agreement with Portersville PRD and Celtex Industries provides the ValvTechnologies’ distribution network with quick-shipped stock V1-1 valves when delivery requirements fall outside ValvTechnologies’ standard delivery times. The Quick-Ship program provides distributors with the opportunity to order and take shipment of stock V1-1 valves in as little as 24 hours so our customers can take delivery of their critical valves.

ValvTechnologies’ Quick-Ship program includes the following stock V1-1 valves (subject to availability):

Up to 2” 2250# – 4500#, F22
Up to 2.5” 2250# – 3100#, A105
Up to 2” 2250# – 3100#, F91

This Quick-Ship program allows ValvTechnologies to more quickly serve our customers by increasing our ability to address customers’ local and global needs for V1-1 valves within a short delivery time.