ValvXpress® pre-engineered, automated packages are compact, robust and ready to ship

Posted: Friday, March 4th, 2016 | By: Linda Goodrich

IMG_5161RetouchedValvTechnologies’ ValvXpress® packages

For customers who demand quick delivery of a zero-leakage automated valve solution for severe service water and steam applications, ValvTechnologies’ ValvXpress® package includes the superior quality of the V1-1 valve and ValvTechnologies’ actuator, backed with the best four-year warranty in the industry.

ValvTechnologies’ proven V1-1 proven integral seat design provides improved performance, far beyond the wear-prone, corrosion-prone crevices of conventional seats. Engineered to eliminate leak paths and maximize direct flow, these units’ enhanced rotary design and construction also deliver the extra safety margin crucial to maintaining peak productivity in severe service applications.




ValvXpress® Product Features and Benefits

Quick delivery

  • Improved operational performance
  • Decreased downtime
  • Increased profitability


Turn-key system

  • Cost-savings through inventory reduction
  • Single-source solution
  • Supply chain optimization


Four-year warranty in power applications

  • The best in the industry. Includes internal seat leakage & external leakage through the packing &/or body seal.
  • Lower cost-of-ownership
  • Increased reliability


Through conduit design

  • No tortuous flow path. When open it has the highest possible Cv’s.
  • Minimized wear & tear
  • Eliminated vibration
  • Reduced maintenance


Fixed position – quarter turn

  • No seating torques required
  • Minimized stem wear
  • Lower cost of ownership


Hardened blowout-proof stem

  • One piece, inserted through the body & shouldered. Eliminates the weak link of collared & pinned designs.
  • Improved safety


Metallic body seal ring:

  • Increases body integrity by eliminating external leakage.
  • Improved reliability
  • Zero-leakage


Live loaded packing gland

  • Minimum four bolt configuration with shallow stuffing box. Ensures consistent torque at variable pressures & temperatures.
  • Increased reliability


Hardcoated and mate lapped seats:

  • High Velocity Oxygen Fuel – HVOF RiTech™ – chrome carbide hardcoating with a Rockwell C of up to 72. Mate-lapped seats.
  • Wear & corrosion resistant
  • Increased reliability
  • Zero-leakage


Seat designs

  • Hardcoated, both ball & integral downstream seat to the end-cap to eliminate a potential leak path
  • Increased reliability


Simplicity of design

  • Designed for ease of installation & maintenance. Easily actuated.
  • Increased system reliability
  • Increased efficiencies
  • Ease of use
  • Reduced maintenance


Stringent testing

  • Every valve is tested, documented and serialized
  • Increased reliability
  • Increased safety
  • Total traceability