ValvTechnologies is a committed partner in providing solutions to manage your process — saving time, money and improving overall system efficiency.

With more than 30 years of experience, ValvTechnologies has maintained a culture of innovation by continuously expanding its design, production, and technology capabilities. ValvTechnologies provides an unsurpassed level of reliability to customers in the fossil power, nuclear generation, mining and minerals, upstream oil and gas, downstream and chemical processing, petrochemical, hydrocarbon, pulp and paper, and various specialty industries.

ValvTechnologies’ manufacturing and headquarters facilities are located in Northwest Houston, Texas, on more than 33 acres of land. The main office and manufacturing building were built in May 2000 and were custom designed by ValvTechnologies. Learn more about ValvTechnologies facilities – click here.


From engineering and design to manufacturing, our employees make the difference. At ValvTechnologies, our employees are our most valuable assets. Made up of functional teams that focus on customer service, safety, product development, quality management, assembly, and testing, our staff is committed to continually developing innovative designs, production, and technology capabilities. With a full staff of professional engineers, a technical sales team and certified service technicians, ValvTechnologies is more than a manufacturer – we are a partner for providing superior solutions to your process needs.


At ValvTechnologies, our processes and procedures ensure that our valves exceed our customers’ needs. From raw material to the finished product, we are constantly looking for methods to apply
innovative technologies to our process. While many valve manufacturers are focused on cutting corners to save costs, we remain true to our core design principles, relentlessly pursuing product and process improvements that in the long term provide measurable benefits for our customers.


ValvTechnologies sets the standard for zero-leakage valve solutions. At ValvTechnologies, we are totally committed to quality. We measure our performance against the standards set in our Integrated Quality Program. Our Quality Assurance department diligently pursues opportunities for improvement, while the entire organization takes ownership of the quality program. In this way, we can improve our processes while increasing manufacturing efficiency. For a complete list of ValvTechnologies’ certifications, please click here.

Customer Focus.

ValvTechnologies is an integral part of its customers’ asset management strategy: customer satisfaction, safety, proven reliability, superior engineered performance. ValvTechnologies is a committed partner in providing solutions to manage your process – saving time, money and improving overall system efficiency.


ValvTechnologies is committed to providing our customer with solutions so they can improve safety for their most important assets: their people.

Research and Development.

ValvTechnologies’ Research and Development facility is located in Houston, Texas and includes over 10,000 sq/ft of dedicated space. The facility is equipped with the latest equipment resources available, including finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD). In addition, capabilities include running high-cycle valve tests at ambient and high-temperatures and the ability to collect real-time test data utilizing the latest LabVIEW™ software. We work directly with customers to develop solutions that meet their unique process requirements and specialty applications.

In the demanding process environments facing our customers, these standards are the foundation our customers look for. What they get, beyond this, is the recognized value of ValvTechnologies as a proven and dependable partner.