Turbine Bypass Systems

Valv turbine bypass system
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Technical Data
4 – 24 “
Pressure Classes

ASME / ANSI Class 150 – 4500

Materials of Construction

Carbon steel (A105, A216 WCB) – standard
Alloy steel (F22, F91, A217 WC9, A217 C12A) – standard
Stainless steel (316H, A351 CF8M) – standard
Duplex steel
Exotic alloys
Other materials available upon request

In Compliance

B16.34 PED N & NPT – Nuclear Authorized

End Connections

Buttweld – standard
Raised-face flange – standard
Other end connections available upon request



IGCC – Ready and Able

Now keep gas turbine and heat recovery system generator (HRSG) online in the event of a steam turbine trip with the ValvTechnologies’ turbine bypass system (TBS). Purposefully designed for the new generation of combined-cycle power plants, our TBS combines the proven XactrolL® severe service control valve design with a state-of-the-art de-superheating control system. At the same time, the TBS facilitates fast HRSG and CT start-ups in peaking power plants. and helps these plants operate at turndown conditions far below the levels that can be achieved with standard governor systems.

Turbine bypass

  • Operation at turndown conditions far below levels that can be achieved with standard governor systems
  • Guaranteed zero-leakage performance delivers repeatable isolation and preserves operating integrity
  • Outstanding control in critical combined cycle operation improves system efficiency and productivity
  • Assured drum level control stability during a trip event and faster stream turbine re-starts via improved control system
  • High-quality performance created by experienced design and ISO 9001-certified manufacturing

Various control packages available integral isolation