Trunnion Metal Seated Ball Valves

The Next Generation in Trunnion Technology.


Valv - TRUNTech

The trunnion valve technology platform provides a unique combination of upstream seating seat principle, resistance to abrasive erosion, long lifetime, and availability in a wide temperature range. Designed to meet stringent emission requirements and provide long life in abrasive and erosive conditions, the NexTech®, TrunTech®, and PulseJet valves provide high-performance solutions for tough, high cycling applications.

Designed as a high-end, severe service solution for the process and specialty markets, the NexTech® valve also serves specialty applications to meet specific customer requirements. Utilizing the same coating and live-loading technology that built the V Series product line, but in a lower-torque, truly bi-directional package, NexTech® is a super solution for tough, high-cycling applications.

Designed to address the severe service demands of the upstream and midstream markets, the advantages of the TrunTech® trunnion-mounted ball valve are plentiful: low operating torque, protected sealing surfaces when in the open and closed position, the ability to operate in the presence of solids and other contamination, and more. The TrunTech® design from ValvTechnologies meets stringent emission requirements and provides long life in abrasive and erosive conditions.