Acid Injection Valves

acid injection valve
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Technical Data
½ to 4"
Pressure Classes

ASME / ANSI Class 600-900

In Compliance
  • Several QA/NDE requirements must be met for the majority of applications per engineering company specifications
  • All forgings for pressure containing parts must examined by ultrasonic testing
  • Pressure testing of the valve body and seat(s) are completed per A-TQP-010
  • Certified fabrication process also meets ASME Section II and PED standards

Safety above all: zero bubbles, zero-leakage under API 6D Appendix C seat testing

No-Leak Safety for Mineral Processing

To maintain cost-effective operation of pressure acid leaching, there is the ValvTechnologies’ severe service acid injection ball valve. A unique product, it was created and designed for the isolation and emergency shutdown of high-pressure acid leaching (HPAL) autoclave acid injection systems. This valve uses ceramic seats, coatings, and exotic metals to provide plant safety in the harshest of process conditions. Its operating benefits continue to be demonstrated every day in mining facilities throughout the world.

The acid injection valve product line is used in the mining industry for high-pressure acid leaching HPAL of nickel, using autoclave technology. The acid injection valve product is an invention of ValvTechnologies, in response to a need for a special application valve, as a result of a hazard and operability study which was carried out for the Bulong Nickel Project in 1997.

  • Zero-leakage
  • Certified fabrication process meets ASME Section II and PED standards
  • Severe service rated for high-pressure leaching by acid or oxygen
  • Long-wearing service life from high integrity components in class leading materials
  • Bi-directionally sealing capability
  • Designed for on-site repair and maintenance