V1-1: 1/4-4″, 900-4500#

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Technical Data
Pressure Classes

ASME / ANSI Class 900-4500

Materials of Construction

Carbon steel (A105) – standard
Alloy steel (F22, F91) – standard
Stainless steel (316H) – standard
Other materials available upon request

In Compliance

ASME B16.34
Nuclear ASME III Class 1, 2 and 3
Nuclear Safety Related – 10CFR50 Appendix B

End Connections

Socketweld, buttweld, NPT – standard
Others available upon request


Absolute zero-leakage shutoff

Demand the Original™.

The flagship of the ValvTechnologies’ product line, the V1-1, is the valve by which all other severe service metal-seated ball valves are measured. The V1-1 design includes integral seats, RiTech® hard coatings, blowout-proof stem and live-loaded packing. Primarily used in severe service applications, V1-1 valves are manufactured to each customer’s unique specifications.

The V Series’ proven seat supported design provides improved performance, far beyond the capability of linear operated valves which feature obstructed and torturous flow paths. ValvTechnologies’ design and construction delivers the extra safety margin so crucial to maintaining productivity: customers benefit by realizing increased security, less downtime and lower maintenance.

V1-1’s are engineered to be leak-free, maximize flow and reduce the overall cost of ownership. So confident of their performance, only ValvTechnologies’ V1-1 valves are backed by the best four year, zero-leakage warranty in the industry*.

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  1. Integral metal seat. With our proprietary HVOF RiTech® coating technology, the integral seat in ValvTechnologies’ valves is resistant to the attack of abrasive magnetite and ferrous oxides that may be seen in the steam flow.
  2. Body seal ring. ValvTechnologies employs a field proven seal ring technology to ensure sealing under all operating conditions, up to 1400°F. The body seal ring is loaded at a pressure higher than 20,000 psi. In addition, valves sized three inch and above contain a secondary Grafoil seal to further guarantee reliability
  3. Patented coating process. The sealing surfaces are overlaid with tungsten or chromium carbide using our exclusive HVOF RiTech® process. These surfaces have a hardness of 68 – 72 Rc to allow long periods of operation in the most severe conditions.
  4. Live-loaded gland area. The V Series’ sealing design features a four stud, live-loaded assembly designed for heavy industrial applications. The sealing material is high purity Grafoil® surrounded by stainless steel wire mesh anti-extrusion rings. The six Belleville® springs (per stud) provide constant load pressure through extreme thermal shocks and prevent wear leaks in high-cycle service.
  5. Blow-out proof stem design utilizes a one piece, hard-faced, blow-out proof stem that is inserted through the inside of the body cavity eliminating the possibility of blow-out through the gland area.
  6. Backpressure protected sealing. Standard with the V1-1 valves, the design prevents the upstream spring from collapsing in a reverse flow condition, protecting the internals from damage and guaranteeing shutoff in the reverse direction.
  7. Zero-leakage shutoff. ValvTechnologies tests every valve according to ANSI procedures, however, we toughen the standard and define zero-leakage as no detectable leakage of gas or a liquid for a period of three minutes or greater. The ValvTechnologies’ standard is zero drops and zero bubbles, guaranteed.

  • Through conduit design: No tortuous flow path. When open it has the highest possible Cv’s. Minimized wear & tear. Benefit: Eliminated vibration, reduced maintenance
  • Fixed position – quarter turn: No seating torques required. Benefit: Minimized stem wear, lower cost of ownership
  • Hardened blowout proof stem: One piece, inserted through the body & shouldered. Eliminates the weak link of collared & pinned designs. Benefit: Improved safety
  • Metallic body seal ring: Increases body integrity by eliminating external leakage. Benefit: Improved reliability, zero-leakage shutoff
  • Live-loaded packing gland: Minimum four bolt configuration with shallow stuffing box. Ensures consistent torque at variable pressures & temperatures. Benefit: Increased reliability
  • Hardcoated & mate lapped seats: High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) RiTech® chrome carbide hardcoating with a Rockwell C of up to 72. Mate-lapped seats. Benefit: Wear & corrosion resistant, increased reliability, zero-leakage shutoff
  • Seat designs: Hardcoated, both ball & integral downstream seat to the end-cap to eliminate a potential leak path. Benefit: Increased reliability
  • Simplicity of design: Designed for ease of installation & maintenance. Benefit: Easily actuated, increased system reliability, increased efficiencies, ease of use, reduced maintenance
  • Stringent testing: Every valve is tested, documented & serialized. Benefit: Increased reliability, increased safety, total traceability
  • Four-year warranty*: The very best in the industry. Includes internal seat leakage & external leakage through the packing &/or body seal. Benefit: Lower cost of ownership, increased reliability

*steam and water applications

Case Study: Teamwork Builds Success

Location: Southeast United States IMG_2316Outlined
Plant type: Combined cycle power plant
Industry: Power
Application: HP steam

Background: During a scheduled weekend outage, a large combine cycle power plant discovered a valve that would not move. Upon further inspection, the customer found a damaged coupler on the valve’s mounting bracket. Assuming this damaged coupler was causing the valve to lock up, the customer decided against purchasing a new valve and instead simply replaced the damaged mounting bracket. Preparing to go back online, the customer found the valve would still not function.

Requirement: Immediate shipment of a V1-1 metal seated ball valve for main steam draining was required to avoid extended outage time.

Result: Receiving the emergency request on Saturday, ValvTechnologies quickly assembled a cross-functional team to provide the power plant with an immediate solution. Representatives from the Shipping, Warehouse and Service departments were called to the Houston office to solve the customer’s issue. The ValvTechnologies’ team was able to identify, assemble, test and ship a replacement V1-1 valve by the end of day Saturday, the very same day the emergency request was received.

The customer received the V1-1 valve Monday morning and immediately installed it. The new valve functioned perfectly and the customer was able to go back online, saving thousands of dollars in potential down time and revenue loss.

Case Study: V1-1 Valve for Spray Water Application Success

Product: V1-1
: Poland
Plant type: Lignite UNIT 470 MW – supercritical
Industry: Power
Application: Spray water control

Background: Power plants around the world commonly use ball valves to control high-pressure spray water in their cooling towers. In these towers, water is sprayed through pressurized nozzles for cooling and reuse. A power plant in Poland was utilizing globe valves instead of ball valves for their spray water control. Their particular application required the valves to open and close at rapid speed. For this application, the globe valves were failing continuously, resulting in control loss of the spray water and decrease in plant efficiency. Additionally, the globe valves’ stem packing was tearing, causing high-pressure, high-temperature water to be sprayed around the malfunctioning valves, creating a dangerous environment for operating staff.

Requirement: The customer requested ValvTechnologies review their spray water application and recommend an alternative solution that would replace their bare stem valves but keep the existing actuators and positioners. They also required each gearbox be replaced and changed to rotating movement from linear movement. Additionally, all valves provided were required to be in accordance with FED and CE requirements. Most importantly, the plant required each valve to function without issue and without the replacement of any stem packing for a period of one year from the date of install.

Solution: The ValvTechnologies’ high-performance V Series ball valve was identified as the best solution for this application. Per the customer’s specification, eight V1-1 valves were installed to replace the existing globe valves. After one year of operation, ValvTechnologies inspected the eight valves using an endoscope and found no sign of erosion or stem-packing problems. See photo 1 and 2 below. Plant management has approved the replacement of all globe valves used for spray water control to ValvTechnologies’ V Series ball valves. ValvTechnologies’ provided this customer with the best total cost of ownership solution available. ValvTechnologies was able to eliminate an unsafe environment, increase the quality of the spray system and improve plant efficiency.


Case Study: Lower Emission & Heat Rate Efficiency

Customer: Combined cycle power plant
Location: United Kingdom
Plant type: Fossil power
Products: V Series and IsoTech®

Drax.jpgBackground: A low-carbon economy is a concept that refers to an economy which has a minimal output of greenhouse gas emissions into the biosphere, specifically greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide (CO2). A power station near the town of Selby, England, is the largest, cleanest and most efficient coal burning power station in the United Kingdom. With a generating capacity of 3,960 megawatts, its current output levels generates enough electricity to meet the needs of seven percent of the United Kingdom. Understanding they have a very important role to play in the transition towards a low-carbon economy, this power station is committed to reducing hazardous emissions and has various projects ongoing which will not only reduce emissions, but deliver significant savings.

Solution: Severe service valve leakage significantly reduces a plant’s heat rate performance, because BTUs leak away, never reaching the turbine. By utilizing ValvTechologies’ V Series metal seated ball valves and IsoTech® parallel slide gate valves for vents and drains, steam and water leakage is eliminated, improving the plant’s thermal efficiency. Additionally, less fuel is burned to produce megawatts, which not only leads to lower emissions, but improved plant efficiency.ValvTechnologies’ high-performance zero-leakage isolation valves typically improve a plant’s heat rate performance by 1-2%, even up to 5-6% in some cases. In 2004 ValvTechnologies began suppling this power station with V Series severe service ball valves for problem areas such as drains and bypasses.

Result: Due to the V Series valves reliability of isolation provided on the plant’s drains and bypasses, the plant began using ValvTechnologies’ IsoTech® valves their feed waters systems (start and standby feed pumps, HP heater feed inlet and outlets). The feed system pumps powerfully move water at a rate of 150 gallons every second. The IsoTech® valves provided single isolation, allowing maintenance to be carried out on tube leaks without shutting down the entire system. ValvTechnologies’ zero-leakage valve range is seen as a solution provider where isolation is required for critical and severe service applications, and the way forward in helping achieve the targets set for reducing emissions.

Attemperator Spray Block Valves

It is critical to chose the correct valve specifications when it comes to attemperator block valves. When zero leakage is demanded for improved plant heat rate efficiency and for overall increased megawatt output, ValvTechnologies offers its’ V series, zero leakage, metal seated ball valve for attemperator spray block valve applications.


All dimensionsal data is approximate, contact factory for certified dimensions

Bill of Materials

End Connections


Since the pipe I.D. and corresponding transition from valve I.D. to pipe I.D. has a critical impact on the Cv of the valve, we have devised the above table. This table gives the Cv based on industry standard pipe and also the maximum Cv of the valve only. For Cv with other pipe I.D. or bore size, consult factory. Cv values are approximate, contact factory for exact Cv values.;

Pressure-temperature Ratings

HVOF RiTech® Coatings


  • Insulating jackets: For further protection valves can be fitted with removable and reusable valve insulation blanket jackets
  • Mounting hardware: ValvTechnologies’ external stop mounting hardware minimizes or eliminates stem and sealing performance problems caused by a faulty re-installation of an operator on an automated valve
  • Other options:
    • Bi-directional shutoff
    • Special end connections available
    • Class V sealing in the reverse direction
    • Tandem arrangements
    • Complete automation packages available
    • Characterized trim
    • Oval hand wheel
    • Actuator mounting

Fossil Power Applications

  • Above and below seat drains
  • Ash handling
  • Attemporator spray control
  • Boiler drains
  • Boiler feed pump isolation
  • Continuous boiler blowdown
  • Electronic relief
  • Feedwater heater drains
  • Feedwater isolation
  • Instrument isolation
  • Main steam stop
  • Recirculation
  • Seal steam regulators
  • Sight/gauge glass drains
  • Soot blower regulators
  • Startup vents
  • Steam dump
  • Turbine bypass systems
  • Turbine drain

Nuclear Generation Applications

  • Boiler feedwater
  • Circulating water system
  • Component cooling
  • Condensate extraction
  • Condensate cooling water
  • Emergency feedwater
  • Fire protection system
  • HP safety injection
  • HP & LP heater drains
  • Heat exchanger vent & drains
  • Main steam system isolation, drain & vent
  • Power operated relief valve (PORV)
  • Pressurizer drain & vent
  • Rad waste system
  • Reactor coolant pump drain & vent
  • Reactor head vents
  • Reactor water cooling vents & drains
  • Safety injection system
  • Secondary system isolation, drain & vent
  • Service water system isolation
  • Steam generator system
  • Turbine by-pass
  • Turbine drain & vent
  • Fukushima tie ins
  • Reliable hardened vents

Upstream Oil and Gas

  • Wellhead choke isolation
  • Emergency shutdown
  • Compressor recycle and isolation
  • Sour gas isolation and control
  • Steam, water and gas injection
  • Steam chokes
  • SAG-D isolation
  • Pig launcher and receiver
  • Mud drilling isolation and check
  • Lean & rich amine isolation
  • Molecular sieve regeneration isolation
  • Molecular sieve absorber isolation
  • First and second stage separator isolation

Downstream and Chemical Processing

  • Coking (delayed & flexi)
    Feed isolation
    Overhead vapor line
    Cutting water isolation
  • Fluidized catalytic cracking
    Catalyst handling
    Slurry isolation & control steam
  • Ethylene
    Steam decoke isolation
    Furnace isolation
    Steam vent
    Quench oil isolation & control
  • Polyethylene
    High cycle (PTO)
    Reactor block
  • Heavy oil upgrading & hydrocracking
    (H-oil & LC fining)
    Catalyst addition & withdrawal
    Filter & pump isolation
    Overhead vapor isolation & control
    High delta-P isolation & control
  • Reforming (CCR)

Mining and Minerals

  • High pressure slurry
    Transportation Systems
    Pump discharge isolation
    Pipeline isolation stations
    Pipeline choke stations
    Rupture disk isolation
    Instrument isolation
  • Autoclaves
    Vessel feed and discharge
    Acid injection
    Gas injection
    Steam injection
  • Mineral concentrators
    Thickener underflow
    Discharge isolation
    Filter press manifold isolation
    Slurry transfer systems
    PRV isolation
  • Waste disposal
    Tailings pipelines
    Paste backfill

Pulp and Paper

  • Boiler vent and drain
  • Liquor isolation and control
  • Rapid drain
  • Steam isolation
  • Sky vents
  • Dryer pressure control
  • Digester steam control
  • Lime mud isolation and  control

Specialty industries: Other industry solutions available. Contact the factory for more information.

Standard ValvTechnologies’ four-year zero leakage warranty in steam and water applications.