Automated Valve Packages

ValvXpress® automated packages are the perfect solutions for customers who demand quick delivery of a zero-leakage automated valve solution for severe service water and steam applications. The package includes the superior quality of the V1-1 valve and ValvTechnologies’ actuator, backed with the best four-year guarantee in the industry.

ValvXpress® pre-engineered, automated packages are compact, robust and ready to ship.

The ValvXpress® actuator:
ValvXpress® automation can be used with any ValvTechnologies valve up to 4” in size with the added bonus of our innovative mounting kit with integral stop and actuator supplied as a complete package.

ValvXpress® automation:

  • The actuators utilize a rack and pinion design which provides constant torque output in a compact package. The torque output is proportional to the air supply pressure. Double acting and spring return models are the same compact design.
  • Hard anodized body with high-temperature seals
  • Maximum working pressure 142 psi / 10 bar
  • Maximum working temperature 302°F / 150°C

ValvXpress® mounting kit:

  • Prevents stem driving into ball, avoiding damage
  • Actuator cannot be installed in the wrong orientation
  • Air gap dissipates more heat, prevents overheating
  • Integral stop safeguards valve from over travel
  • Easy installation without voiding the warranty
  • Pressure classes 150 to 4500

The ValvXpress® program provides customers with three different options:

  • The Total Package
  • Build-Your-Own
  • Actuator-Only

Pre-engineered package includes:

  • Half thru 4” metal-seated V1-1 ball valve
  • Socket weld and butt weld end connections
  • A105, F22, F91 body materials
  • 2500#-4500# pressure classes
  • Valve operating conditions to 1400°F (760°C)
  • High-cycle pneumatic rack and pinion actuator
  • Hard anodized coating
  • High-temperature Viton® seals
  • High-cycle mounting hardware
  • Limit switch with position indicator – 2-SPDT, quick set cam, IP67, NEMA 4/4X
  • NAMUR solenoid – 110V/120V, 230V, 24VDC coils
  • Filter/regulator with gauge
  • Retainer prevents stem driving into ball