AbrasoCheck® Slurry Check Valves

Valv - ABRASOCheck

Low Wear, High Isolation

The  AbrasoCheck® slurry swing type check valve is designed specifically for PD slurry pump discharge isolation and allows in-line maintenance. The valve was based upon the existing design as used for more than 30 years at an iron concentrate pumping station. Currently the valve is in use in China, India and Brazil on slurry pipeline pump stations. The AbrasoCheck® slurry check valve will operate on pump shutdown and start-up. The purpose of the double acting pneumatic cylinder is to assist the disc into the closed position and to hold the disc in that position, during pump shutdown and also to hold the valve open during normal operations. The valve is supplied with a double acting pneumatic cylinder that is fixed to the valve body and connected to the valve stem. Once the valve is fully open then the cylinder can be energized to hold the flapper in the fully open position and out of the path of the slurry flow.

The combination of ValvTechnologies’ AbrasoCheck® slurry check valve and AbrasoTech® slurry ball valve provides zero-leakage isolation for maintenance of positive displacement pumps.