ValvTechnologies’ Model Numbering System

Posted: Friday, March 7th, 2014 | By: Linda Goodrich

V-Series, Nextech® and PSG

part numbering systemExample Model Number:
1”, 150 Class, Raised Face, Full Port, Lever Operated, Carbon Steel, V1 Series Valve


Valve Type
V = V1 Series trunnion-less metal seat supported valve
N = Nextech® two piece side entry trunnion valve
T = Nextech® one piece top entry trunnion valve
H = Nextech® three piece forged side entry trunnion valve
P = Parallel slide gate (PSG) valve

bPressure Class
3 = 150#         5 = 300#          6 = 600#
7 = 900#         8 = 1500#        0 = 2500#
A = 3500#       B = 4500#

cTrim Code
Specifies body, end cap and ball materials


dEnd Connections
RF = Raised Face x Raised Face
SW = Socket Weld x Socket Weld
CC = Threaded (NPT) x Threaded
* W = Butt Weld x Butt Weld
* 1st Character denotes prep size ID and OD

ePort Size
FP = Full
RP = Reduced
ST = Standard
XX = Special

B = Bare stem
L = Lever
P = Pneumatic (ValvXpress®)

gNominal Valve Size
In “. Example: 015 = 1.50” end size


hInternal Trim
Specifies all other internal component materials



Quality Specification
AA = Valve meets standard quality control requirements per ASME B16.34
AF = Valve meets standard quality control requirements per ASME B16.34 and PED Cat.III



Sequential Number
Used to specify any further details not captured in previous sections of the model number to ensure uniqueness