High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems

The evolution of High Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS) has radically reduced the need for traditional mechanical relief devices and the level of flaring in oil and gas applications. The connection of new gas production sources to a gas plant facility have often required mechanical relief devices for the protection of gas production facilities or pipelines. New production sources […]

Four way switch valve

The ValvTechnologies’ four-way switch valve is designed for use in the delayed coker found in many integrated oil refineries. There are two drums in a delayed coker unit that work consecutively while in operation. When one drum is functioning, the other drum is being de-coked. The switching valve is required to direct hot feed to either drum A […]

Sky vent valves – application review

The sky vent application is one of the most critical applications within a combined cycle power plant. Valves in this application control the ramp rate of the HRSG, ensuring plant piping and equipment do not rise in temperature too quickly; thus protecting plant equipment from thermal induced stresses. Sky vent valves are required to withstand full process pressure and are […]

ValvPerformance Testing™ valve leakage detection

ValvPerformance Testing™ is a cycle isolation or valve leakage diagnostic program that assists end-users in understanding the value of Zero-leakage isolation and in identifying the best targets in their valve populations for effectively mitigating cycle isolation (plant efficiency) losses. What differentiates ValvTechnologies’ ValvPerformance Testing™ program? ValvPerformance Testing™ delivers quantifiable results in terms of mass flow rates (pounds or kilograms […]

ValvTechnologies presenting at Petcoke 2016

ValvTechnologies, the leading manufacturer of coking isolation and switch valves, is honored to be a featured presenter and exhibitor at Petcoke 2016.  Petcoke 2016, the annual meeting of engineers engaging in coker units within the CIS, is being held March 16-17, 2016 in Moscow. Petcoke is the leading Russian platform which discusses current plans, forecasts of production and consumption of […]

Planning for outage season

Planning for outage season?  ValvTechnologies offers a full line of high-performance valves to meet your critical applications.     Isolation Valves The original metal-seated ball valve, ValvTechnologies’ V Series valves are engineered to zero-leakage, maximizing flow & reducing the overall cost of ownership. Best four-year warranty in the industry for power applications.   Control Valves ValvTechnologies’ […]

Trouble-free, planned outage solutions

Time is money. The last thing you need, during outage season, is an unplanned cost or unexpected setback. Planned maintenance outages require superior asset management and expert workmanship in a limited window of time. ValvTechnologies’ Aftermarket Services offers a single source valve solution with effective pre-planning and project management ensuring on-time delivery, helping plants get […]

ValvTechnologies set to exhibit at RefComm Galveston 2016

ValvTechnologies, the leading manufacturer of coking isolation and switch valves, cordially invites you to our hosted happy hour at RefComm Galveston 2016. Stop by, visit and relax with appetizers and drinks on Tuesday, May 3rd at 7:00 pm in the Floral Hall suite. For more information, visit us at booths 8 & 9! At the event you will have the opportunity to review a few of our […]

ValvXpress® pre-engineered, automated packages are compact, robust and ready to ship

ValvTechnologies’ ValvXpress® packages For customers who demand quick delivery of a zero-leakage automated valve solution for severe service water and steam applications, ValvTechnologies’ ValvXpress® package includes the superior quality of the V1-1 valve and ValvTechnologies’ actuator, backed with the best four-year warranty in the industry. ValvTechnologies’ proven V1-1 proven integral seat design provides improved performance, far beyond […]

The Next Generation in Trunnion Technology

ValvTechnologies has established itself as a leader in the trend in the process industries toward greater utilization of trunnion-mounted, metal-seated ball valves for isolation and control in critical applications.  As a global leader in the design and manufacture of severe service metal seated ball valves since 1986, ValvTechnologies introduced the NexTech® trunnion ball valve to […]

One Week Countdown to ITC!

Held every two years, ValvTechnologies is again hosting an International Technical Conference and Users Group on January 21-22, 2016 at the Westin Oaks in the Galleria in Houston, Texas. This conference will be attended by ValvTechnologies’ clients, end-users, distributors, representatives and sponsors from around the world. This is a unique opportunity to bring together the best and […]

ValvTechnologies’ International Conference & Users Group

New Date. New Place. Same Great Event.  Registration is open for ValvTechnologies International Technical Conference (ITC) and Users Group! Held January 21-22, 2016 at the Westin Oaks in the Galleria in Houston, Texas, this technical conference will be attended by ValvTechnologies’ distributors, representatives and clientele from around the world. This is a unique opportunity to bring together […]

Anglo-American – Minas-Rio Iron Ore Project

The recently completed $8.8bn Minas-Rio iron ore project in Brazil is expected to produce 26.5 metric tonnes per annum of high quality, low contaminant iron ore pellet feed over a current mine life of 28 years. Construction is now complete, with significant progress made towards delivering first ore, on a ship, by the end of […]

Investing in New Technology – Sub Arc Welding Machine

ValvTechnologies’ Commitment to Process Improvement – Second to None The ValvTechnologies weld shop recently purchased a new Sub Arc welding machine. The sub arc process has been around for a long time but the technology has progressed producing high quality, low iron content weld overlay. The Sub Arc is typically used on relatively large parts […]

ValvTechnologies’ Model Numbering System

V-Series, Nextech® and PSG Example Model Number: 1”, 150 Class, Raised Face, Full Port, Lever Operated, Carbon Steel, V1 Series Valve Valve Type V = V1 Series trunnion-less metal seat supported valve N = Nextech® two piece side entry trunnion valve T = Nextech® one piece top entry trunnion valve H = Nextech® three piece […]

Why Africa? Why Now?

As China quietly opened its economy to the West in the 1980s, the stage was set for a wave of globalization that swept the world and that continues unabated today.  One quiet casualty of China’s opening was the demise of the Soviet Union, which served to quicken the pace of globalization as former satellite states […]

Case Study: Molecular Sieve – Switching Valve Success

A single, carefully selected valve can answer a large number of concerns. Requirement: Molecular sieves are often utilized in the petroleum industry, especially for the purification of gas streams. Valves leading into and out of molecular sieves cycle frequently and leakage in these critical areas can make it difficult or impossible to meet product purification requirements. […]