V1-2: 1/2-36″, 150-600#

Turn valve
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Technical Data
½ - 36"
Pressure Classes

ASME / ANSI Class 150 – 600

Materials of Construction

Carbon steel (A216 WCB) – standard
Stainless steel (A351 CF8M) – standard
Duplex steel
Exotic alloys
Other materials available upon request

In Compliance

ASME B16.34
Nuclear ASME III Class 1, 2 and 3
Nuclear Safety Related – 10CFR50 Appendix B

End Connections

Raised face flange – standard
Other end connections available upon request


Absolute zero-leakage shutoff

Flexibility in Action.

Get outstanding flexibility and reliability in the lower pressure class rage.  ValvTechnologies V1-2 flanged valves come in more sizes – you can put superior performance and long life where they are needed, in virtually any cast or forged material. Specify them with special end connections. Order them with the purge ports you need – and cavity fillers, cryogenic stem extensions, fugitive emission bonnets…all these options can be added to the valves that feature HVOF RiTech® hard coatings as standard – and absolute zero-leakage warranty.


  1. Integral metal seat. With our proprietary HVOF RiTech® coating technology, the integral seat in ValvTechnologies’ valves is resistant to the attack of abrasive magnetite and ferrous oxides that may be seen in the steam flow.
  2. Body seal ring. ValvTechnologies employs a field proven seal ring technology to ensure sealing under all operating conditions, up to 1400°F. The body seal ring is loaded at a pressure higher than 20,000 psi. In addition, valves sized three inch and above contain a secondary Grafoil seal to further guarantee reliability
  3. Patented coating process. The sealing surfaces are overlaid with tungsten or chromium carbide using our exclusive HVOF RiTech® process. These surfaces have a hardness of 68 – 72 Rc to allow long periods of operation in the most severe conditions.
  4. Live-loaded gland area. The V Series’ sealing design features a four stud, live-loaded assembly designed for heavy industrial applications. The sealing material is high purity Grafoil® surrounded by stainless steel wire mesh anti-extrusion rings. The six Belleville® springs (per stud) provide constant load pressure through extreme thermal shocks and prevent wear leaks in high-cycle service.
  5. Blow-out proof stem design utilizes a one piece, hard-faced, blow-out proof stem that is inserted through the inside of the body cavity eliminating the possibility of blow-out through the gland area.

  • Through conduit design: No tortuous flow path. When open it has the highest possible Cv’s. Minimized wear & tear. Benefit: Eliminated vibration, reduced maintenance
  • Fixed position – quarter turn: No seating torques required. Benefit: Minimized stem wear, lower cost of ownership
  • Hardened blowout proof stem: One piece, inserted through the body & shouldered. Eliminates the weak link of collared & pinned designs. Benefit: Improved safety
  • Metallic body seal ring: Increases body integrity by eliminating external leakage. Benefit: Improved reliability, zero-leakage shutoff
  • Live-loaded packing gland: Minimum four bolt configuration with shallow stuffing box. Ensures consistent torque at variable pressures & temperatures. Benefit: Increased reliability
  • Hardcoated & mate lapped seats: High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) RiTech® chrome carbide hardcoating with a Rockwell C of up to 72. Mate-lapped seats. Benefit: Wear & corrosion resistant, increased reliability, zero-leakage shutoff
  • Seat designs: Hardcoated, both ball & integral downstream seat to the end-cap to eliminate a potential leak path. Benefit:Increased reliability
  • Simplicity of design: Designed for ease of installation & maintenance. Benefit: Easily actuated, increased system reliability, increased efficiencies, ease of use, reeduced maintenance
  • Stringent testing: Every valve is tested, documented & serialized. Benefit: Increased reliability, increased safety, total traceability

Case Study: V1-2 – Proven Track Record & Dependability

Product: V1-2 V1-2
Plant type: Fossil power
Application: Nitrogen purge/vent valve

Background: A major global power company entrusted ValvTechnologies to help them identify the best possible solution to replace their existing triple offset butterfly valves in their nitrogen purge/vent valve application. Hundreds of thousands of dollars per day of lost revenue were at risk if the customer’s requirements, quick construction schedule and high performance expectations weren’t met.

Requirement: The customer required a nitrogen purge/vent valve system with intergrated gasification combined-cycle power generation IGCC units. This IGCC process recycles blast furnace coke, pulverizing and gasifying it to be burned in a heavy duty gas turbine. The power it generates can be used in the plant, and any excess can be sold to the public power grid.

An engineered valve solution was needed that could accommodate the process fluid of nitrogen with the interfacing fluids of syngas and air, as well as meet Class VI shutoff per the FCI 70-2 requirement. This would allow the customer to accomplish repeatable and reliable valve performance with on-time delivery.

Solution: The ValvTechnologies’ V1-2 metal-seated ball valve with bi-directional capability was identified as the best solution because it met the customer’s needs, including:

  • Proven track record
  • Superior performance
  • Lower overall cost of ownership
  • Fast delivery: 22 weeks as opposed to the competitor’s solution of 52 weeks

ValvTechnologies’ superior solution allowed the customer to meet their commitment to the end-user of increased plant efficiency and reduced emission rates compared to traditional integrated gasification combined-cycle power generation systems.

Case Study: V1-2 Innovative Solutions

Customer: NatureWorks, LLC of Blair, Nebraska

Plant type: NatureWorks is dedicated to meeting the world’s needs today without compromising the earth’s ability to meet the needs of tomorrow. NatureWorks is the first company to offer a family of commercially available, low-carbon-footprint Ingeo™ lactides and biopolymers derived from 100% annually renewable resources with performance and economics that compete with oil-based intermediates, plastics and fibers and provide brand owners new cradle-to-cradle options after the use of their products.

Industry: Downstream hydrocarbon
Application: Reactor control / block valve

Background: NatureWorks contracted Plant Services, Inc. of Spring, Texas which specializes in process engineering, to specify and locate a suitable solution for an existing control valve application. NatureWorks was experiencing ongoing problems with their existing valve which was installed in 2008 and failed to meet process application requirements due to galling on the ball and seats resulting in poor reliability.

Requirement: NatureWorks required a valve that could be modulated to control back pressure and provide tight shut-off when closed. Their goal was to find a valve that would meet their specifications and provide tight shut-off.

Donald Marek, an instrument and valve design specialist with Plant Services, researched numerous manufactures for a suitable valve for this extremely severe service application: ValvTechnologies was the only manufacturer that was willing to produce a valve to the specifications required.

The customer was impressed with ValvTechnologies’ coating technology and seating design of the V1-2 design as well as the QA/QC and stringent zero-leakage testing performed.

Solution: A 24” 300 lb metal-seated V1-2 valve was designed and manufactured by ValvTechnologies; a hydraulic Moog actuator, HPU system and automation was designed by Donald Marek and fabricated by Control Fluids, Inc. of Beaumont Texas. The EADS company, a ValvTechnologies’ distribution partner and integrator, provided the package as a complete system and facilitated the final product acceptance test prior to delivery to NatureWorks, LLC.

HVOF RiTech® Coatings


Bi-directional sealing
Special hard coatings
Various materials of construction
Sizes up to 36”
Elevated temperature options

Fossil Power Applications

  • Above and below seat drains
  • Ash handling
  • Attemporator spray control
  • Boiler drains
  • Boiler feed pump isolation
  • Continuous boiler blowdown
  • Electronic relief
  • Feedwater heater drains
  • Feedwater isolation
  • Instrument isolation
  • Main steam stop
  • Recirculation
  • Seal steam regulators
  • Sight/gauge glass drains
  • Soot blower regulators
  • Startup vents
  • Steam dump
  • Turbine bypass systems
  • Turbine drain

Nuclear Generation Applications

  • Boiler feedwater
  • Circulating water system
  • Component cooling
  • Condensate extraction
  • Condensate cooling water
  • Emergency feedwater
  • Fire protection system
  • HP safety injection
  • HP and LP heater drains
  • Heat exchanger vent and drains
  • Main steam system isolation, drain and vent
  • Power operated relief valve (PORV)
  • Pressurizer drain and vent
  • Rad waste system
  • Reactor coolant pump drain and vent
  • Reactor head vents
  • Reactor water cooling vents and drains
  • Safety injection system
  • Secondary system isolation, drain and vent
  • Service water system isolation
  • Steam generator system
  • Turbine by-pass
  • Turbine drain and vent
  • Fukushima tie ins
  • Reliable hardened vents

Upstream Oil and Gas Applications

  • Wellhead choke isolation
  • Emergency shutdown
  • Compressor recycle and isolation
  • Sour gas isolation and control
  • Steam, water and gas injection
  • Steam chokes
  • SAG-D isolation
  • Pig launcher and receiver
  • Mud drilling isolation and check
  • Lean and rich amine isolation
  • Molecular sieve regeneration isolation
  • Molecular sieve absorber isolation
  • First and second stage seperator isolation

Downstream and Chemical Processing Applications

  • Coking (delayed and flexi)
    Feed isolation
    Overhead vapor line
    Cutting water isolation
  • Fluidized catalytic cracking
    Catalyst handling
    Slurry isolation and control steam
  • Ethylene
    Steam decoke isolation
    Furnace isolation
    Steam vent
    Quench oil isolation and control
  • Polyethylene
    High cycle (PTO)
    Reactor block
  • Heavy oil upgrading and hydrocracking
    (H-oil and LC fining)
    Catalyst addition and withdrawal
    Filter and pump isolation
    Overhead vapor isolation and control
    High delta-P isolation and control
  • Reforming (CCR)

Mining and Minerals Processing Applications

  • High pressure slurry
    Transportation Systems
    Pump discharge isolation
    Pipeline isolation stations
    Pipeline choke stations
    Rupture disk isolation
    Instrument isolation
  • Autoclaves
    Vessel feed and discharge
    Acid injection
    Gas injection
    Steam injection
  • Mineral concentrators
    Thickener underflow
    Discharge isolation
    Filter press manifold isolation
    Slurry transfer systems
    PRV isolation
  • Waste disposal
    Tailings pipelines
    Paste backfill

Pulp and Paper Applications

  • Boiler vent and drain
  • Liquor isolation and control
  • Rapid drain
  • Steam isolation
  • Sky vents
  • Dryer pressure control
  • Digester steam control
  • Lime mud isolation and control