Since 1987, ValvTechnologies has manufactured state-of-the-art integral metal-seated valves for the power and process industries. The process industry demands high quality, severe service isolation valves that protect equipment, environment, and personnel. These demanding environments consist of erosive, corrosive, high temperature, and high pressure process flows. When zero-leakage is required in such environments, the petrochemical industry requires the best available technology: ValvTechnologies.

All manufacturing occurs in our ISO 9001 certified facility in Houston, TX. Our in-house proprietary RiTech® carbide coatings are a key part of ensuring outstanding performance. This fully automated process is performed in our very own state-of-the-art, climate controlled HVOF booths. Having this technology under our control and QA/QC oversight allows ValvTechnologies to provide a consistent, high quality package at a very competitive price.

Our experience in petrochemical plants extends around the world and includes numerous innovative valve designs specifically engineered for a particular application. A key advantage of our isolation valve design is that the ball is “fixed” in place with a highly loaded Belleville spring. This feature allows the valve to operate in the presence of polymer with the ability to shear through solid plugs. Unlike most valve designs, the zero-leakage carbide seat is actually part of the valve body, thereby keeping solids from interfering with the valve’s ability to operate and provide zero-leakage.

We have numerous valves in operation that have achieved over 1,000,000 cycles between maintenance cycles. In most polymer applications, 1,000,000 cycles is a common occurrence.

ValvTechnologies’ Success Stories

ValvTechnologies’ case studies depict how we have successfully helped companies around the globe manage their complex severe service applications.