Customer Testimonials

“I have had nothing but great products delivered from ValvTechnologies. The designs are sound and they have been a fantastic partner to work with in regard to design. We have a very large installed base in our upstream severe service locations in Kazakhstan. We also have quite a few of the coker valves in our downstream locations around the world. The personnel that we have worked with on our projects has been very responsive, very knowledgeable.”

ValvTechnologies’ Customer

“A major US nuclear utility has been pleased with the ValvTechnologies’ zero-leakage metal seated ball valves. There are now almost 50 of these valves installed throughout their fleet. Each site in their fleet is using these valves. This product was chosen for one of the sites Fukashima response. At another site, three of these valves have been installed in an active safety application for 10+ years. One installation is using air operated (AOV) zero-leakage metal seated ball valves. There is a unique application featuring a custom-designed version of these zero-leakage metal seated ball valves. The ball valves are isolation valves installed on the main steam turbine lube oil system. Each ball valve replaced butterfly valves using the same flange-to-flange dimension. These valves have been so successful, the nuclear utility established a small bore zero-leakage metal seated ball valve program to replace leaking gate and globe valves.”

Sr V P Nuclear Special Projects
Heyward Incorporated

“[Our plant] has five operating units, two drum and three supercritical. We have been installing the 2500# and 4500# class VALVTECHNOLOGIES’ ball valves in a multitude of services including: boiler drains to the condenser, turbine drains, boiler feedpump bypass lines, feedwater heat exchanger drain lines, main steam drains and any other severe service where zero-leakage is important. Although quite a few of the valves are manually operated, we recently installed a number of these valves with pneumatic operators and have had great success.

Over the past 11 years we have installed approximately 225 of these valves in high-pressure piping up to 4” in diameter. To date, we have not experienced any leakage past the ball/seat or through the packing glands of any of these valves. We have had one bonnet to body leak on a 3/4” 2500# valve. This valve was immediately replaced under ValvTechnologies’ [four year] zero-leakage warranty.

Due to the performance of these valves, our maintenance department has adopted a strategy of cutting out leaking valves and replacing them with ValvTechnologies’ ball valves, when the application is suitable, instead of attempting a repair.”

Senior Engineer, Louisiana Power Plant

“I was a maintenance supervisor at a cogeneration facility located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana . . . at that site we utilized the ValvTechnologies’ ball valves and Xactrol® valves in numerous services throughout the plant for at least 8 -10 years. We used ValvTechnologies’ ball valves exclusively in critical applications where good reliable isolation was crucial. In addition, in applications where it was economically expensive or difficult to obtain an isolation on a system to replace a leaking valve, we will used these valves as the first off source of isolation. We had approx. 300-400 of these valves in the ½ – 2 ½” size alone. The applications included main steam header gage line isolation, main steam drains, boiler drains, vents and warm-ups, boiler feedwater systems and condensate systems. The service temperatures of these valves ranged from 350-970°F steam and pressures as high as 2100#. In addition to the standard ball valves, we installed five pneumatic actuated Xactrol® [control] valves in boiler feed pump recirc. open/close applications. We also had one pneumatic actuated Xactrol® valve in an HRSG automatic drum drain application to control drum swell on startup of a combustion turbine and had plans to install additional valves in similar application due to the success we had experienced.

Both the ValvTechnologies’ ball valves and Xactrol® valves performed extremely well in these applications . . . I would estimate that out of the 300-400 valves installed in a 10 year period, 97 – 98% are still in service.

At that location we placed a lot of emphasis on plant reliability and efficiency. We installed only ValvTechnologies’ ball valves where the valve could make the difference between keeping a unit on-line versus shutting down.

If you are specifying or purchasing ball valves for your plant, I would strongly recommend the selection and use of the ValvTechnologies’ valves.

At my existing site, we plan on utilizing the ValvTechnologies’ valves in similar applications due to the past successes.”

Maintenance Manager, Cogeneration facility, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

“Our power station has been using ValvTechnologies’ metal seated ball valves since 1995 with great success in severe service applications. Originally the valves were installed as boiler and turbine vents / drains, replacing globe style valves that had a history of maintenance problems. The performance of the ValvTechnologies’ metal seated ball valves far exceeds the globe valves that were supplied as original equipment. On any future units I would want ValvTechnologies’ product as it offers a very cost effective solution.”

Maintenance Supervisor, US Power Plant

“ValvTechnologies’ ball valves have been installed at delayed coking unit No.60 since 2009. These ball valves have established themselves as reliable equipment that has not required maintenance or repair in the first 10 years of operation.”

Volgograd Refinery, Lukoil Oil Company

“We have been using your ValvTechnologies’ metal seated ball valves successfully over the last few years on upgrading various high energy steam & feedwater isolation valve and control valve applications in the plant. Our high-pressure (HP) drain valves, vent valves, block valves, etc. have been trouble-free with over 150 installations. We have yet to take you up on your four-year warranty against leakage because we have not had an issue. It seems the integral seat and carbide design of the ValvTechnologies’ valves has given us what we need for trouble-free service. . .

. . . In closing, we would like to thank you for the support you have provided over the years. Please use this letter with any other plants or utilities that may be interested in our experiences with your products. We will be installing more ValvTechnologies’ valves in our October outage this fall.”

Facility Technician
Team Leader – Maintenance
Team Leader – Engineering and Operations

“… we are so incredibly happy that your folds and ours were able to come together and make stuff happen. Nothing better than an all-hands-on-deck approach for critical applications … thank you guys so much for coming thru on a great product, design and service.”

Category Specialist – Valve and Pipe Lines
Oil and Gas Industry

“As a Project Engineer, working for a world renowned turbine manufacturer, for over 30+ years, I’ve come to understand what makes up a dependable quality supplier. One that provides not only excellent client services and reliable products; but, one that can be counted on if/when issues may occur.. a trusted advisor at the very core. In ValvTechnologies, I have discovered these significant attributes and personally consider them a highly respected and valued partner. ”

Global manufacturer, power industry

“It is our privilege to get all support we received from ValvTechnologies. Our management appreciates your customer-focus philosophy . . . working with your team made all of us proud.”

Bangladesh Valve Specialist
Oil and Gas Industry