Fluidized Catalytic Cracking

Improved Unit Reliability

  • Reliable Operation in the Presence of Catalyst Solids
  • Operates in Extreme Thermal Flux Conditions
  • Resists Erosion at High Flow Velocities
  • Handles High Delta P
  • No Maintenance Required Between Planned Turnarounds
  • Proven Fire Safe and SIL Rated Packages

Engineered to Industry Standards

  • Tested and Certified to API 607 Fire Safe Standard
  • Tested and Certified to TA Luft and ISO 15848 Fugitive Emission Standards
  • Exceeds Requirements of API 598 and FCI 70.2 Testing Standards
  • Full PMI of All Components
  • Meets Global Automation Standards including
    • ANSI
    • ATEX
    • GOST
    • UIL

Proven Performance

  • Operates During Rapid Temperature Swings (up to 1400 oF / 760 oC)
  • Oil Purge Systems Available When Required
  • Special Configuration For High Temperature Catalyst Handling
  • Self Lapping Sealing Surfaces
  • Full Bore Valves for Maximum Cv, Reduced Erosion and Minimum Delta P