Hydrocarbon Processing

Improved Unit Reliability

  • Zero-leakage isolation in hydrogen environments
  • Solids will not interfere with operation
  • Repeatable sealing under all temperature and operating conditions
  • Increased safety with positive isolation
  • Block-and-bleed for confirmation of shut-off
  • High speed capability for unit optimization (PSA and chopper valves)

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Engineered to Industry Standards

  • Tested and certified to API 607 Fire Safe Standard
  • NACE compliant (MR 0103)
  • Tested and certified to TA Luft and ISO 15848 Fugitive Emission Standards
  • Exceeds requirements of API 598 and FCI 70.2 Testing Standards
  • Full PMI of all components
  • Meets Global Automation standards including ANSI
    • ATEX
    • GOST
    • UIL

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Proven Performance

  • Material selection based on application requirements
  • Ease of adaption to existing automation systems
  • Thermal stress and chemical resistant coating systems
  • Proven gland packing system – industrial, lived-loaded
  • Oil purge systems available

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  • Hydrogen isolation
  • Catalyst feed and withdrawal
  • Catalyst isolation
  • Control valve isolation