Molecular Sieve

Metal-Seated Ball Valves, Seat-Supported, Side-Entry, ANSI B16.34

Improved Reliability

  • Engineered for heavy-duty service and cycling
  • Typical life time of ten years of uninterrupted service
  • Suitable for high H2S service without body leakage
  • Zero fugitive emissions
  • Tungsten carbide coating on ball and seats, 72 Rockwell C hardness
  • Special tungsten carbide coatings available for extreme sour fluid streams
  • Impervious to solids and/or erosive particles in the fluid stream
  • Extended runs between maintenance
  • High reliability. SIL-3 certified
  • Certified low fugitive emissions
  • Proven fire safe
  • Repeatable sealing under all operating conditions
  • High speed capability
  • Enhanced safety

Engineered to Industry Standards

  • Certified to SIL-3 by Lloyds
  • Tested and certified Fire-Safe to API-607 5th Edition (ANSI valves) and API-6FA 3rd Edition (API-6A valves) standards
  • Tested and certified to ISO 15848-1 Class B and TA Luft Fugitive Emission Standards
  • Exceeds shut-off requirements of API-598, FCI 70.2 and MSS-SP-61
  • Full PMI of all components
  • NACE MR-01-75/ISO 15156
  • Meets global design standards and certifications:
    • ANSI
    • API
    • ATEX
    • PED
    • CE
    • CRN
    • GOST and RTN (Rostekhnadzor)

Assured Performance

  • Certified 1300 years MTBF for full stroke and 580 years MTBF for shut-off
  • Lowest cost of ownership in the industry
  • Self-cleaning and self-lapping seating surfaces
  • Material selection based on application requirements
  • Proven gland packing system – heavy duty live-load design
  • Anti-blowout stem design
  • Anti-static feature by design
  • Automation per customer specification
  • Service and support worldwide