Get more than a performance guarantee. Get peace of mind.

ValvTechnologies offers the only FOUR YEAR ZERO-LEAKAGE warranty for our steam and water products in the power industry. These include our V Series metal seated ball valves (MSBV) our IsoTech® parallel slide gate valve (PSGV). In addition to our standard leakage warranty we also provide a hardcoating DELAMINATION GUARANTEE that promises to ensure your seat integrity with the IsoTech® product for 10 years focusing on super and ultra supercritical main steam and hot reheat applications above 1000F / 538C.

You paid for more than materials. You paid for more than workmanship. You paid for more than a selective performance guarantee. Your warranty should reflect what you paid for. ValvTechnologies ensures you get what you paid for – a zero-leakage warranty for four years so you know your isolation valve will protect critical equipment and mitigate flow accelerated corrosion (FAC).

ValvTechnologies doesn’t pick and choose where our warranty and guarantees are implemented. They apply to all steam and water applications in the power industry. This is much more than a simple performance guarantee to include only materials and workmanship: ValvTechnologies takes it further to guarantee our equipment will also meet zero-leakage shutoff for four years in power applications.

Don’t just protect your equipment, protect your investment. Leaking valves cause serious degradation to downstream piping and components, lost efficiencies and megawatts. It also increases risk to plant personnel. ValvTechnologies warranty not only applies to EXTERNAL leaks, but we guarantee ZERO INTERNAL LEAKAGE. Protect your investment personnel and your profits.

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