Mining & Minerals Processing

Mining and minerals processing is an area where critical valve failures can create expensive shut-downs.

At ValvTechnologies, we understand the importance of reliability, and more importantly, zero-leakage. Valve leakage inside a slurry line will soon lead to dewatering of the slurry and expensive retrofit work, with extensive operational down-time. Understanding the design and potential problems in the client’s process is the way we understand their unique needs…and we plan and respond. ValvTechnologies’ expertise in solving valve problems is directly related to our list of satisfied customers – or what we prefer to call our business partners! We care about being in-country to assist, rather than saying “ship the valve back to Houston.”

Contact us for a solution to your problems in these difficult areas of valve applications. We have severe service valves that operate in process conditions that push the limits of engineering capabilities. From the slurry pipelines in China and South America to the nickel processing plants of Western Australia and Asia, ValvTechnologies is there and we have the solutions.

ValvTechnologies’ Success Stories

ValvTechnologies’ case studies depict how we have successfully helped companies around the globe manage their complex severe service applications. Click here to learn more.

ValvTechnologies has extensive experience in the metals and mineral processing sector.

Our involvement with our clients’ mining projects goes beyond just providing the correct valves and actuation. We partner with both the EPC and end user to solve the complex problems that remote accessible areas and harsh operating environments can dish out. We have built a solid reputation in the industry for going the extra mile – literally.

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