Valves specifically built to meet the unique demands faced by the petrochemical industry.

Since 1987, ValvTechnologies has manufactured state-of-the-art integral metal-seated valves for the power and process industries. All manufacturing occurs in our ISO 9001 certified facility in Houston.

Our experience in petrochemical plants extends from numerous new and replacement valves in many different designs. The advantages of our isolation valves stem from the fact that the ball is “fixed” in place with the high load pressure Belleville® spring. This allows the valve to operate in the presence of polymer and shear solid plugs of material. Unlike most valve designs, the zero-leakage carbide seat surface is part of the valve body, so that solids cannot interfere with operation and sealing.

We have numerous valves in the field that have achieved over 1,000,000 cycles between maintenance. In polymer services such as yours, 1,000,000 cycles is not uncommon. To stand behind this claim, we will provide a warranty for the first 250,000 cycles that the valves will function as required and continue to provide at least class V sealing.