Upstream Oil & Gas

The ValvTechnologies’ design is a departure from traditional valves found in the upstream and midstream sectors of the oil and gas industry.

In the oil and gas industry, valve performance is challenged by combinations of process conditions such as high-temperature, high-pressure, high-solids, high-cycles and erosive environments.  The ValvTechnologies’ design is quite unlike that found in typical floating and trunnion-style ball valves and is a complete departure from other valves found throughout the industry.

Our product portfolio employs two valve design platforms: seat supported and trunnion-supported technologies.

The technology platforms have the following features in common:

  • Address severe-service fluid isolation and containment challenges
  • Available for use in a wide range of temperatures
  • Meet or exceed fugitive emission standards as defined in ISO 15848, TA LUFT
  • Provide superior sealing performance
  • Full compliance with all oil and gas related QA surveillance requirements
  • Time-proven metal to metal sealing systems
  • Proprietary coating technologies available for a variety of severe service conditions

The seat supported design incorporates an integral downstream seat. The integral seat provides a stable platform onto which the ball is constantly loaded with very high force, making it impossible to trap solids between the ball and seat. When the ball is in the open position, the seats are fully protected from the process flow.  The integral seat design eliminates the potential for leakage between a loose seat and the valve body, a common problem in a typical floating ball valve design.

The V Series is designed to ANSI B16.34, fire-safe per API-607, tight-shut-off per ISO-5208 Rate A.

ValvTechnologies’ TrunTech® is our trunnion supported ball valve; designed to address the severe service demands of the upstream and midstream oil & gas industries.  The proven seat seal design provides long life and tight shut-off in very abrasive and erosive environments that lead to greater uptime and less downtime for our clients.

The TrunTech® is designed to API-6D and API-6A, fire-safe per API-607 (API-6D) and API-6FA (API-6A), tight-shut-off per ISO-5208 Rate A (API-6D) and PSL-3/3G (API-6A).