Coking Switch Valves

Valv 4 way switch valve
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Technical Data
Pressure Classes

ANSI 900
ANSI 600


Materials of Construction

A217 Gr. C12, F9, 347SS

Improve up-time. Decrease production losses.

ValvTechnologies’ four way switch valve design focuses on operational reliability, extended mean time before major repair and low cost of total ownership.

The delayed coker process is a batch process, one of the most hostile environments in the refinery – due to the abrasive / erosive, properties of the coke by-product and high temperature reactions. Valves are cycled frequently and failure can lead to a complete shutdown of a unit, resulting in large process and financial costs. Optimizing valve life-cycle is critical to operational efficiency.

switch valve diagram


  • 15 years potential life in service. Benefit: increased reliability
  • Excellent thermal compensation. Benefit: increased reliability
  • Prevents coke migration into seat faces. Benefit: increased reliability
  • No purge steam needed for seat loading. Benefit: Lower emissions, enhanced process safety
  • Eliminates pendulum motion of the ball. Benefit: inherent fire safety
  • Ball and seat are HVOF RiTech® spray coated. . Benefit: erosion resistant
  • Extreme wear resistance for cycling and consistent torques. Benefit: Increased cost-savings on repair
  • Strong bonding in thermal cycling applications. Benefit: longer service life
  • Low steam requirements. Benefit: reduced maintenance costs
  • Less fabrication required. Benefit: longer service life
  • Graphite seals in spring pockets protects loading mechanisms in case of steam failure. Benefit: reliability in case of temporary steam loss

Extended flange connections available
Remote start – stop button control panels

  • Switch valve isolation