Mounting Brackets

Technical Data

Customers in every industry enjoy the advantages of ValvTechnologies’ mounting brackets: a streamlined, light-weight, cost-effective design with the same attention to quality as expected with all ValvTechnologies’ engineered products.

The benefits of a ValvTechnologies’ mounting bracket include:

  • Prevents stem driving into ball, avoiding damage
  • Actuator cannot be installed in the wrong orientation
  • Air gap dissipates more heat, prevents overheating
  • Integral stop safeguards valve from over travel
  • Pressure classes 900 to 3100
  • Castings can be designed to minimize material usage which in turn decreases the weight of the valve assembly
  • Transitions of structural features can be optimized to reduce high-stress concentration areas
  • Well-designed castings can shorten production times due to less machining required per part
  • Reduced heat transfer and deflection
  • Better access to the gland to allow accessibility to check the torque on the gland bolts
  • Can be used worldwide in all applications

Extended height mounting kits also available.

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