ValvTechnologies’ four-way switch valve design focuses on operational reliability, extended mean time before major repair and low cost of total ownership.

The delayed coker process is a batch process, one of the most hostile environments in the refinery – due to the abrasive/ erosive, properties of the coke by-product and high temperature reactions. Valves are cycled frequently and failure can lead to a complete shutdown of a unit, resulting in large process and financial costs. Optimizing valve life-cycle is critical to operational efficiency.

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  • Bellville loaded seat and ball to maintain valve operability during shutdown intervals
  • Switching valve with tight shutoff to assist in reliable drum operations
  • Spring pockets are protected by Chevron and grafoil seals in case of a steam event to prevent migration of coke buildup and lockup
  • Chromium Carbide coated ball and seat face to extend life cycle and lower cost of repair
  • High strength metal pressure seal ring bonnet seal to prevent leakage to atmosphere under severe operating conditions
  • Continuous body cavity purge design eliminating the eventful coke build up and lockup
  • Chesterton low emission stem packing exceeding emission guidelines
  • Flanged end connections available


  • 15 years potential life in service for increased reliability
  • Excellent thermal compensation for increased reliability
  • Prevents coke migration into seat faces for increased reliability
  • No purge steam needed for seat loading for lower emissions, enhanced process safety
  • Eliminates pendulum motion of the ball for inherent fire safety
  • Ball and seat are HVOF RiTech™ spray coated and erosion resistant
  • Extreme wear resistance for cycling and consistent torques reducing repair costs
  • Strong bonding in thermal cycling applications for longer service life
  • Low steam requirements for reduced maintenance costs
  • Less fabrication required for longer service life
  • Graphite seals in spring pockets protects loading mechanisms in case of steam failure for reliability in case of temporary steam loss